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Protégé 3 Day Events

Dancers come together in a safe and supportive environment to dig deep within, open possibilities, and grow as artists through dance, acting & wellness training. We center the experience around mentoring artists as a whole- healthy bodies, innovative minds, and authentic hearts. Beyond the inspiration and information dancers will receive in the classroom, they will also take home many tools that will allow Protégés to dream big, own their gifts, and overcome obstacles in the future. To keep our live events interactive and intimate, our three day events are by invitation only and will also be used as a live audition for Camp Protégé. We like to get to know the dancers personally, building relationships that last a lifetime and are invaluable for a young dancer pursuing a dance career. 

You’ll be gifted a journal to hold your discoveries, reflections, and memories from the week. We will explore dance, acting, neuromuscular training, yoga, meditation, health & nutrition, and composition.

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